Imagine being a part of providing 700 hands to people around the globe in need.

Give me a hand is an amazing project. It’s hard to believe that 3D printed hands are possible, or that any parts of the human anatomy can be built and be functional thanks to the technology of 3D printing, and of course thanks to the expertise of medical professionals.

3D Printed hands

E-Nable devices and their Hand-o-matic software are changing the lives of people in need of hands.

It gives a whole new meaning to the saying/question – can you give me a hand?

I found this article about this project and found myself wondering if they will be printing legs soon. It hard to fathom that technology has come this far. I can remember when an office computer system took out a very large wall space. Now, here we are with laptops, tablets and printers that can make body parts!

This article is worth the read. and if you want to see how YOU might get involved and give a hand – go HERE


3D printed hands


Children 3D printed hands


This type of prosthetic is geared to affordability and may be well suited for people who live in poor economic societies. It is a vast contrast to our article about alternative prosthetics  but equally fascinating.