One approach to improving services and supports is to look and see what other countries are doing. As for disability in the UK, well, I am sad to say, Canada should not look to the UK as an example of how best to support their citizens who live with disabilities. Disability politics in the UK is not representing a society that protects it’s most vulnerable.

An article in the Independent Newspaper shared the views of presenter Jameela Jamil and I think they are worth sharing. After reading it, the immediate question that comes to my mind is – “when making government cuts to support programs, why is it those most vulnerable (people with disabilities) are affected?”

I can only surmise it is because voices of UK people who live with disabilities are not valued.

Jamie says, “Britain’s way of dealing with disability is just to try and pretend it’s not happening”.

Sticking your head in the sand approach

Sounds a bit like what is happening, or rather not happening, with our AODA. Too many NEW businesses are still opening in inaccessible locations. Change is painfully slow to move forward, but I guess when reading about the UK, at least the Canadian government is not clawing back pension amounts. Granted they are not high when you consider the poverty line, but at least they are not removing what is already in place.

Sad state of affairs for our brothers and sisters with disabilities in the UK.

Here’s the article: