01AsmartPhone400wREALLY Smart Hands-free Phone app

Check out this hands-free phone app.

What would you do if you could NOT use your smart (iphone) phone? Certain disabilities prevent people from using devices like phones. How would you feel not having the privacy and ease to use what has become an everyday must-have device? I bet you’d feel cut off. I know I would. Personally, I love the ease and security my phone gives me which is why this indiegogo project caught my eye.

How does it work?

This nifty device works with voice and movement commands. Saying – Open Sesame” will turn on the phone — and users can also use their voice for entering text and composing messages. Using the front-facing camera, the phone also accurately tracks head movements that can be used to control an on-screen cursor. This means that users can navigate app menus, scroll through Facebook and so much more without even touching the phone.

It’s important not to take for granted what you can do “now”.

The simple act of making a phone call is not possible for people with dexterity and motor functional loss. People who are quad and paraplegic, or have other progressive diseases like Parkinson’s, ALS and more, will benefit from this hands-free phone app. Even calling for help will now be easier.

Technology is changing so much and bringing more freedom to those who have function losses.

Are there other ways to make new technology accessible to those with disabilities? It seems more devices are invented every year!

Check out this video below


Somewhat like our article about the hands-free wheelchair, this will increase independence.